Alphabet manuscript in progress, for fun.

A is for animals with nothing to say
B is for the baseball that's heading your way

C is for coats that don't fit anyone
D is for doctors who ruin the fun

E is for eggs growing legs in your dreams
F is for fingerprints you can’t help but leave

G is for growing an inch in your sleep
H is for holes, impossibly deep

I is for inching across the floorboards
J is for jumps that don't know what’s in store

K is for kissing a frog, just in case
L is for lurking at windows all day

M is for mussels slipped into the stew
N is for night-lights that go out on you

O is for one, one, one, only one eye!
P is for pictures you see in the sky

Q is for questions from someone much taller
R is for raising your voice to a holler

S is for spying while creeping about
T is for tattlers who point it all out

U is for uniforms on their first day
V is for a visitor who won't go away

W is for the wild in things seen everywhere
X is for X-rays to show what’s in there

Y is for the yowling of beasts running free
Z is for the zoo, where you ought to be.

Friendly reminder: Copyright© 2010 Kristy Caldwell

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