The Wrong Color, dummy process

I'm discovering that making a book dummy is mostly about understanding flow. It's a messy process in which clarifying is preferable to rendering. Highs and lows, highs and lows.

page 11 sketch

page 35 sketch


The Wrong Color, dummy inspiration part 2


These images I can credit. The top two are taken from animator Paul Julian's illustrations for Piccolo, a book you will never see face-to-face. Thanks to Lou Romano for posting so many pages on his blog.
At bottom left is Chris Appelhans' "Fantastic Mr. Fox" concept art for the movie adaptation. More of that here.
The bottom right image, titled "Waterfall," is from a portfolio site I obsessively scrutinize, that of Jon Klassen. Don't miss "Adventures of Ship."


The Wrong Color, dummy inspiration


These are images I mostly found by trolling through other people's blogs in preparation for getting into the "book dummy" head space. Animation and storyboarding styles of the 1960s have quickly become favorites for studying issues of dirty vs. clean texture within single images. I pull jpegs so automatically while browsing that I'm afraid I can't credit these.