For issue 2 of Carrier Pigeon I illustrated a story by Christopher Stanton, titled "Swoop," in which a young girl is snatched by a fairly gross, huge bird right in front of her teenaged babysitter. The issue will be available in the winter of 2010. The website for the journal is on its way to being fully operational, and resides at carrierpigeonmag.com.

I drew these with compressed charcoal and then filled them in digitally with scanned washes of walnut ink. If you were to break the whole process down into these two steps, the results would look like this:


And here's the girl being carried away. Forever? It's not my story to tell.


For issue three I plan something busier and more colorful. All I can say right now about the new collaboration is it's set in the bayou. I intrinsically approve of this, of course, being from Louisiana. Everything else should fall into place.